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International Symposium on Rehabilitation Research 2017


Rehabilitation in the era of AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Grand Ambassador Seoul Hotel, Korea

PROGRAM - Contents, Speaker
Contents Speaker
Session 1
Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support in Medical Domain
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Peter J. Haug, Professor
(Dept. of Biomedical Informatics, School of Medicine, U. of Utah)
Knowledge-based Intelligent Information System in Healthcare Seung Hee Ho, Director
(Dept. of Rehabilitation Standard & Policy, KNRRI)
Session 2
Rehabilitation Robot and Machine Learning
Virtuous or Vicious Cycle between Arm Use and Performance Post-Stroke Nicolas Schweighofer, Professor
(Dept. of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, U. of Southern California)
Pathway of Rehabilitation Robot with Machine Learning in KNRC Won-Kyung Song, Director
(Dept. of Rehabilitative & Assistive Technology, KNRRI)
Clinical Application of Machine Learning in Rehabilitation Robot Jaewon Beom, Professor
(Dept. of Rehabilitation medicine, Chung-ang U. Hospital)
Session 3
Disability and Driving
Modified Vehicles for Disabled Drivers Daniel Mor, CEO
(Israel-Hydrofix Ltd)
Automated Driving : Current Technology and Potential Use for Disable Si-Bok Yu, Director
(Vehicle Autonomous Driving Technology R&D Center, Smart Vehicle Technology R&D Division, Korea Automotive Technology Institute)
Current Status and Future Expectations of Driving and Disability in Korea Hyun Choi, Director
(Dept. of Clinical Research on Rehabilitation, KNRRI)
  • International Symposium on Rehabilitation Research 2017
  • International Symposium on Rehabilitation Research 2017
  • International Symposium on Rehabilitation Research 2017
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