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President’s Greetings

Rehabilitation for All,
Life Changing Rehabilitation
National Rehabilitation Center President Wanho Kim photo

Hello, I am Wanho Kim, the Acting President of the National Rehabilitation Center.

The National Rehabilitation Center is the only national central organization that specializes in rehabilitation in Korea.

The Center has developed into an organization where promotes the health and happiness of persons with disabilities through its Rehabilitation Hospital, Research Institute, Central Health & Medical Center for Persons with Disabilities, and a wide array of community reintegration support programs.

The National Rehabilitation Center is tasked to coordinate three main roles.

1. We promote the saved lives from diseases or accidents to be worthy to live their lives.
2. We help their daily life to be recovered from where they actually dwell.
3. We promote our community to have a capacity of embracing disability so that all of us can live together with it.

The Korean government's operation of the National Rehabilitation Center means that the country and society are responsible for rehabilitation and welfare for persons with disabilities.

To this end, we do our best to restore the daily life of individuals and communities through close cooperation with specialists from the Rehabilitation Hospital and the Research Institute.

At the National Rehabilitation Center, 66,000 people are receiving treatment every year. It is recognized as a place where persons with disabilities must receive treatment at least once.

With this reputation, the center has been playing a leading role, establishing several rehabilitation hospitals in the country, sharing our various experiences and programs.

In addition, we are active in international cooperation, aiming to launch rehabilitation treatment rooms by exchanging rehabilitation workforce and implementing technologies and applying rehabilitation medicine to the health systems of these countries.

The Center conducts practical research projects and rehabilitation health policy in order for the advanced technology to be applied in rehabilitation-specialized studies.

We are heading a role of advocating the rights of those with disabilities and promoting for their better quality of life by providing a high quality of various services in which support independent living.

Performing a nationwide ‘public rehabilitation health care service system’, we take a central role of rehabilitation service delivery system as the ‘Central Health & Medical Center for Persons with Disabilities’.

As a national central organization, the Center specializes in rehabilitation that promotes ‘The Recovery of the Daily Life of Persons with Disabilities and the Communities“.

The Center is helping persons with disabilities to successfully reintegrate into society thorough medical examinations, professional rehabilitation therapy, community-linkage programs, and the development of technology that enable them to enjoy their daily lives. The Center will continue to do its best to help all citizens in the country, enabling them to live a life of the optimal level of function.

Thank you.

The Acting President of the National Rehabilitation CenterWanho Kim

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