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  1. 1 Performs roles as the comprehensive rehabilitation research control tower at the national level
  2. 2 Conducts interdisciplinary convergence research and collaborative research among the industry, academia, and research sectors
  3. 3 Lays the foundation for the implementation of evidence-based scientific policy and strengthens policy support functions

Three major research principles

  • Consumer/user participation research

    Establishes a research system, in which consumers participate in all steps of R&D project, ranging from design to development, clinical trial, and revision, so as to develop technologies that meet consumers’ needs and lead to their satisfaction.

  • Multidisciplinary Research

    Promotes participation in research by experts from diverse fields, including clinical rehabilitation, rehabilitation engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and social science, to enable the multidisciplinary research typical in the rehabilitation engineering.

  • Industrial/Educational Collaboration

    Develops the quality-of-life technologies including U-Health, senior-friendly industries, next-generation medical equipment, and rehabilitation assistive technologies as world leading technologies, and nurtures research experts who will lead the future quality-of-life technology industry.

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