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In order to diagnose and treat neuro-muscular system diseases, electric signals are obtained and recorded from nervous system, and these are analyzed overall through medical assessment with medical history and scientific inspection opinions. Within electromyography test, there's the electroneurography, needle EMG, evoked potential screening etc., and the necessary inspections are performed upon judgment of the medical professional, with the results obtained through comprehensive analysis. People with following symptoms may receive electromyography when deemed necessary through doctor's treatment. Tests are done at the time and date decided upon reservation, and the time taken take up from 30 minutes up to 2 hours upon the type of necessary screening.

During the course of screening, displeasure or pain may accompany as the nerves are stimulated by electricity, or needles injected to observe muscular or nervous activities.

Test results and their entailing future measures are explained by doctor prescribing the tests.

Walking Analysis Test

Regarding walking condition of disable people with walking difficulties, we go further from the previous subjective simple observation to a more objective analysis of the causes of the problem using high tech facilities such as special cameras. As to contents of screening, there are kinematic, kinetic and dynamic analyses, the test targets are all kinds of nervous, muscular and skeletal system diseases.

Exercise Stress Test

By using electrocardiogram testing equipments, portable gas analyzer and uniform muscular testing equipments, the user's cardiac function, pulmonary function and muscular power are assessed, and based on these, exercise programs appropriate for the user are provided.

1. Uniform muscular testing & strengthening exercises

Measures the user's precise muscular power(knee joint, thigh joint, shoulder joint, elbow joint etc.), and based on these the most appropriate muscular strengthening programs for the user are provided.

2. Exercise stress test

It judges the user's potential cardiac abnormalities, and together finds out the appropriateness of cardiac function to arrange the criteria that provides the most appropriate exercise amount (time and strength) to the target user.

3. Exercise stress cardiopulmonary function test

As a gradual exercise stress testing, it measures user's breathing capacity during exercise, and based on this arranges the criteria that provides the most appropriate exercise amount (time and strength) to the user

Uniform Exercise Testing

Using Cybex uniform exercise measurement equipment, muscular strength, capacity and exercise range are measured at major joints such as knee joint, hip joint, shoulder joint. Based on these, appropriate exercise programs can be planned and compare & assess improvements.Besides these, exercise stress testing, computer working capacity analysis, foot pressure test, computer negative, cardiopulmonary function test, oxygen consumption measurement test, endoscopic test, ultrasonic test etc. are performed.

Dysphagia Test

Dysphagia test is performed when either choke, cough, suffocation symptoms appear or cannot chew the food well, and even after swallowing food is left inside the mouth and voice also changes showing swallowing difficulties. Videofluoroscopy is performed to observe specifically what part during the dysphalgia process is having problems and assess precisely what is causing it, and afterwards determine currently available dietary supply method(oral, tube) and its supplying content(general food, dysphagic food, food thickner addition), the training method of improving dysphagia is also determined, to ultimately have the occupational therapist improve the patient's dysphagia based on test results through position adjustment, oral movement & training, electric stimulation etc.

Urodynamic Study

This test is to precisely find out the functions of bladder and urethra during processes of urine gathering in the bladder and discharging. When there's urination disturbance due to various reasons such as injury to central nerve or peripheral nerve, incontinence of urine, prostatic hypertrophy etc., treatment method greatly differs depending on bladder function.Therefore, it's crucial to find out precise functions through this test.

Electrodiagnostic Laboratory

As an important test in exactly diagnosing peripheral & central nervous system diseases and muscular diseases, and subsequently judge their degree of progress and prognosis, our hospital is equipped with diverse equipments for exact diagnosis in treating the patients.

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