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Organization & Contact Info

Main phone no. 82-2-901-1700

For more information on the hospital, contact us by telephone at 82-2-901-1598

5 Divisions / 1 Section (15 Departments) / 1 Research Institute (3 Departments) / 339 personnel

  • National Rehabilitation Center
    • Division of General Affairs
    • Division of Planning and Public Relations
    • Division of Disability Prevention and Driving Service
    • Division of Public Medical Rehabilitation
    • Division of Health Services Development for Persons with Disabilities
    • Rehabilitation Hospital
      • Department of Community Reintegration Service
      • Department of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
      • Department of Neurorehabilitation
      • Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation
      • Department of Internal Medicine
      • Department of Women’s Rehabilitation
      • Department of Psychiatry
      • Department of Dentistry
      • Department of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation
      • Department of Korean Internal Medicine
      • Department of Pharmacy
      • Department of Nursing
      • Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy
      • Department of Rehabilitation Exercise
    • Rehabilitation Research Institute
      • Department of Healthcare and Public Health Research
      • Department of Rehabilitative and Assistive Technology
      • Department of Clinical Rehabilitation Research
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