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The Department of Internal Medicine provides counseling and treatment for internal medicine-related illnesses (chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia, acute infectious diseases such as urinary tract infection, pneumonia and so on) of outpatients and hospitalized patients, and is in charge of various radiologic and laboratory tests, cardiopulmonary function tests, national health screening programs, and infection control.

Test Room

Test Room - Radiologic Test Room, Laboratory Room, Cardiopulmonary Function Test Room
Radiologic Test Room Digital radiography, ultrasound, CT, special exams (swallowing study, cystography, bone densitometry, etc.)
Laboratory Room Clinical chemistry, diagnostic hematology, blood coagulation, diagnostic immunology, urinalysis, and others
Cardiopulmonary Function Test Room Electrocardiogram, spirometry and lung volumes,peak expiratory flow rate measurement
Electrocardiogram room Electrocardiogram examination

Medical checkup

  • National health screening programs
  • Physical exam for employment

Infection Control Office

  • Systematic in-hospital infection control activities, including the Infection Control Committee, infection control education, and hand sanitation campaign
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