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Information on disability prevention education

In disability prevention education, instructors with disabilities provide education on prevention of acquired disabilities that are caused by accidents, based on their personal accident experience, to raise understanding, as part of efforts to promote a correct understanding of disabilities and to facilitate social integration of persons with disabilities. Education is provided every year to preschoolers, elementary, middle school, and high school students, and adults, and more than 120 thousand people across the nation are receiving education.

Education objectives
  • Provide education and engage in PR activities to prevent acquired disabilities that are caused by accidents and other factors so as to promote citizens’ health and welfare
    • Change people’s perception so that they understand that ‘anyone can become disabled!’
    • Promote understanding of brain damage and spinal cord injury
    • Promote understanding of disabilities and improve people’s perception of persons with disabilities
Education provided to

Preschoolers (children attending a kindergarten or a daycare center, etc.), elementary, middle, and high school students, and adults

Education hours

1 hour (The time can be adjusted according to the group receiving education)

No. of educated people

At least 20 to at most 60 persons per education session (Education for all students of a school and broadcast education are not available)

Education method
  • Direct education provided by a visiting disabled instructor who suffered a spinal cord injury due to an accident
  • Presentation and video education, education provided by the instructor using an actual accident as an example
Education content
  • A disabled instructor provides information on his/her accident case
  • Develop the right attitude and habits for disability prevention
  • Understand the importance of the human body, including the brain and spinal cord
  • Five commandments to prevent acquired disabilities caused by accidents, education on how to prevent accidents

Anticipated effects

  • Reduce rehabilitation and welfare costs of persons with disabilities by preventing disabilities based on development of people’s strong will to carry out disability prevention activities
  • Instructors with disabilities provide education that focuses on their actual experiences which increases education effects while promoting understanding of disabilities and improving citizens’ perception of persons with disabilities
  • Based on social contribution through instructor activities, nurture instructors with disabilities, support the smooth reintegration into society by persons with disabilities, and contribute to creating jobs for persons with severe disabilities
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