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The Korea National Rehabilitation Center Research Institute is promoting the health of persons with disabilities and realizing their reintegration into society, and doing its best to enhance the quality of life of citizens through rehabilitation research.

Purpose of establishment

Recognizing increased demands for the rehabilitative health care services as a result of continued rise in the disabled population and such issues as enormous societal losses and costs incurred by disabilities and injuries, the Research Institute was established not only to resolve those issues but also to advance the field of rehabilitation and enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities by carrying out rehabilitation standard & policy research, rehabilitative & assistive technology research, and clinical rehabilitation research.

Major research areas

  1. 1 Research on promoting the health of persons with disabilities and their health care
  2. 2 Research on practical daily life assistance and cutting-edge rehabilitation therapy
  3. 3 Clinical research for rehabilitation that can contribute to functional, psychological, and social recovery of persons with disabilities
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