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Promote mobility rights of persons with disabilities and contribute to increased opportunities for social participation by persons with disabilities through special vehicles that are appropriate for disability characteristics of persons with severe disabilities and driving education provided by professional driving instructors who make visits to where persons with disabilities reside.

There are rare opportunities for persons with severe disabilities to receive driving education at driving academies due to such reasons as financial burden on driving academies to purchase special vehicles for persons with severe disabilities and difficulty in recruiting professional instructors of driving education for persons with disabilities. For this reason, driving education is provided for free by the state.

To remove inconveniences that persons with severe disabilities might experience while traveling to the education location, ‘driving education by making visits’ is offered by renting out driver’s license test centers and driving training centers located near the residents of education applicants.

Program History

  • 2014
    • Created a driving training center on the rooftop of a new building of the National Rehabilitation Center

  • 2011
    • Expanded to education that is provided by making visits across the nation

  • 2001
    • Created a driving adaptation education program for persons with severe disabilities

  • 1994
    • Education for a driver’s license was provided to persons with disabilities for the first time in Korea at the driving training center of the National Rehabilitation Center

Major tasks

  1. 1 Operate driving support programs for persons with disabilities
  2. 2 Provide driving consultation and evaluations for persons with disabilities
  3. 3 Conduct surveys and research on driving by persons with disabilities
  4. 4 Establish and operate a nationwide driving support network for persons with disabilities
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