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Education region and target

Persons with disabilities across the nation who require a driving assistance device, from among physically-challenged, brain-disabled, or hearing-impaired persons

Education method

A driving rehabilitation instructor visits the area where a trainee resides and provides driving education using an education vehicle that has installed a driving assistance device according to the type of disability

Education process

  • 1 Driving education counseling and receipt of application
  • 2 Selection of an appropriate vehicle and driving assistance device
  • 3 Mock driving simulator education
  • 4 Dispatch of the National Rehabilitation Center’s special vehicle and instructor
  • 5 Driving education
  • 6 Provision of information on modifying vehicles
  • 7 Education satisfaction survey and follow-up management system

No. of people receiving education

Around 800 persons a year

Education programs

Program for acquiring a driver’s license, training program for persons with a driver’s license, driving rehabilitation experience program, and others

Education programs

Education facilities and equipment

One outdoor and one indoor driving training center for persons with disabilities, 22 vehicles for driving education of persons with disabilities, two driving education simulators for persons with disabilities

  • Education facilities and equipment
  • Education facilities and equipment
  • Education facilities and equipment
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