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The Department of Neurorehabilitation evaluates the physical, cognitive, behavioral psychology, and social functions of persons suffering from a central nervous system illness, including cerebrovascular accident and brain damage, and provides professional rehabilitation programs to enhance independence in daily life.

Contents of the Medical Treatment

As basic treatment for internal medicine and neurology-related issues, the Department carries out diabetes control, blood pressure control, and management of heart disease and respiratory disease.

The Department identifies issues through a physical examination on each patient, functional evaluation, daily life movement evaluation, cognitive skill evaluation, psychological evaluation, and family consultation, sets a rehabilitation therapy goal, and provides systematic rehabilitation therapy and education programs for patients and guardians.

In detail, the Department handles management and education on risk factors, including hypertension and diabetes, training on walking and daily life movements, rehabilitation for cognitive disorder, language disorder, dysphagia, and others, and training on vesical and intestinal functions.

Professional Rehabilitation Programs

  • Robot rehabilitation room (upper extremity, lower extremity)
  • Cognitive and psychological rehabilitation room
  • Cognitive rehabilitation program
  • Dysphagia rehabilitation program
  • Brain stimulus program
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