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    To provide patient-centered pharmacy services

  • Mission
    • Provide accurate and fast pharmacy services
    • Provide patient-tailored medication counseling
    • Strengthen the drug safety management system
    • Contribute to improving of the quality of life of patients and the hospital development

Overview of the Department of Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy consists of the pharmaceutical main office, outpatient pharmacy, inpatient pharmacy, oriental pharmacy & extraction room of medicinal herbs, and pharmaceutical information unit.

It strives to provide patient-centered pharmaceutical care services through medication preparing, inspecting, and administering, medication counseling, pharmaceutical acquisition and distribution management, narcotic medication management, pharmaceutical information provision, and the Pharmaceutical Evaluation Committee operation.

Outpatient Pharmacy

Fills in-hospital prescriptions for outpatients who are exceptions from the separation of prescribing and dispensing. In addition, it manages inspection, administration, medication counseling, and provides pharmaceutical information.

Inpatient Pharmacy

Fills prescriptions for inpatients, manages inspection, administration, and medication counseling. It also provides pharmaceutical information, and manages emergency medical products and drugs equipped in the ward.

Oriental Pharmacy & Extraction Room of Medicinal Herbs

Fills prescriptions for oriental medicine patients (medicinal herbs, granule, and product made of medicinal herbs). It manages inspection, administration, and medication counseling, and performs extraction of prepared medicinal herbs

Pharmaceutical Information Unit

Provides pharmaceutical information booklet monthly, and issues pharmacy newsletters regarding drug information. It also manages the hospital formulary, provides various pharmaceutical education and seminars, and manages medication counseling research activities.

Pharmaceutical Main Office

Operates the Pharmaceutical Evaluation Committee. It manages pharmaceutical projects planning, carrying-out, and performance evaluation.

For example, the main office supports hospital pharmaceuticals selection pursuant to Pharmaceutical Evaluation Committee and drug management regulations, and manages medication acquisition and distribution control, quality improvement activity, and pharmaceutical safety activity.

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