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Dept. of Fitness Promotion and Rehabilitation Exercise


Dept. of Fitness Promotion and Rehabilitation Exerciseproviding customized and medical, educational and research-based program for each disablility that has been verified in other to improve the quality of life of disabled persons through the establishment of services that link the voluntary health management of disabled persons with the community by becoming the prompt and systemic guide from hospital to community.

  1. Exercise Analysis clinic
    Evaluation and Rehabilitation Therapy Program
    • categorization and evaluation of level of risks : categorize level of risks and execute customized exercise prescription through exercise load test and test on the functions of muscle s and joints
    • Rehabilitation theraphy program : Provide a customized program for improvement of cardiovascular endurance and efficient physical activities in accordance with the evaluation result
    • subjects : hospitalized patients

    Click : Program chart for Exercise Analysis clinic

  2. Health Promotion Center for PWDs
    rehabilitation Sports Program
    • customized group sports activities for each types and extents of disability, education on health skill, stamina and self-exercise methods (7 weeks)
    • sports lectures(hospitalized and outpatients) Acquisition of basic skills of sports and healthcare in daily life (4~12 weeks)
    • Event for enhancing improvement of health for PWD Experience sports for each category (6 times)

    Click : Program chart for Rehabilitation Physical Fitness Gymnasium

  3. Physical Fitness Validation Center For PWDs
    • Scientific evaluation and counseling of physical fitness in each type of disabilities
    • Introduction and provision of exercise methods suitable ofr the level of physical fitness
    • Guide to community sports facilities(gym)

Program chart for Exercise Analysis clinic

  • 1 Doctor prescription


  • 2 Prior evaluation

    Exercise stress test, isokinetic muscular strength measurement

  • 3 Exercise prescription

    Risk categorization and motor therapy counseling

  • 4 One on one program

    Intensive motor therapy

  • 5 Follow-up evaluation and link

    Rehabilitation exercise and link to sports

Program chart for Rehabilitation Physical Fitness Gymnasium

  • 1 Counseling and receipt

    Inpatients and outpatients

  • 2 Doctor diagnosis

    Diagnosis of whether exercise is possible & request

  • 3 Prior evaluation

    Basic physical strength evaluation, body component test

  • 4 Group exercise program

    Rehabilitation exercise, sports lectures

  • 5 Follow-up evaluation and link

    Link with local community after re-evaluation

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