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Dept. of Physical and Occupational TherapyThe Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy pursues holistic therapy so that patients with physical, mental, or social disability can enjoy a higher quality life. To this end, the Department evaluates and analyzes each individual patient’s movements and functions, and provides patient-centered customized therapy that resolves the issue by taking an evidence-based therapeutic approach.

The Department operates the stroke, brain damage, and spinal cord injury adult therapy room and pediatric therapy room in consideration of the disability type and characteristics of hospitalized patients, thereby offering systematic, professional therapy by illness. It offers more challenging and task-oriented activities for Day Rehabilitation Ward patients who will soon reintegrate into society and outpatients. It also operates a thermo-electric therapy room for pain management and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). Through the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) program, the Department enhances self-efficacy. The Department also starts a group motor therapy programs to promote physical vitality and physical strength.

At the Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy, around 80 warm-hearted, meticulous physical therapists and occupational therapists take the lead in enhancing the health and the sense of happiness among persons with disabilities throughout overall rehabilitation, ranging from intensive rehabilitation therapy to return to the local community.

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