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Rehabilitation R&D Support Program logo

Implementation background

The Rehabilitation Research & Development(R&D) Support Program has been carried out since 2011 (former Rehabilitation R&D Extramural Program). The main purpose of the program is to lead or to govern the national R&D programs on rehabilitation and disability research for persons with disabilities in South Korea. It follows the main purpose of our Research Institute which is to ‘perform practical and people–centered rehabilitation research.’

Advancing to aging society causes growing population of people with disabilities in South Korea. Thus there is rising demands on rehabilitation R&D and welfare for persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities and seniors, however, are socially underprivileged, who have been considered as people with low market value that results in immature investments and private R&D programs. Thus public investment is essential.


The Rehabilitation R&D Support Program is aimed at facilitating rehabilitation R&D on physical and mental function recovery and reintegration into society, and eventaully at improving the quality of life of the socially underprivileged, including persons with disabilities and seniors. The program also supports comprehensive R&D including pilot clinical interventions, early assistive product developments, clinical trials on medical devices, society reintegration, and policies on welfare for people with disabilities.

Program details


The purpose is to support comprehensive R&D projects on disability and rehabilitation research for the purpose of identifying key rehabilitation themes and making R&D investments to provide continuous rehabilitative health care services to the socially underprivileged, including persons with disabilities and the elderly.

Rehabilitation Research & Development Support Program (Outsourced)
Comprehensive Supports

We provides comprehensive rehabilitation R&D supports for the purpose of improving the quality of life of the underprivileged and facilitating the recovery of physical and mental functions as well as society reintegration. Our supports have been including rehabilitation-related clinical trials and usability tests, disability policy research, and development and supply of pilot assistive products, and clinical programs.

Expansion of research areas

Since 2019, the Rehabilitation R&D Support Program has been expanded to nine comprehensive rehabilitation areas.

  • 1. Public Health

    Research on the entire health care system and components for the promotion of health of persons with disabilities

  • 2. Clinical Rehabilitation Interventions

    With out largest rehabilitation hospital in South Korea, prospective and retrospective clinical research for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, production of effects and grounds for rehabilitation therapy, and research on development of new medical technologies.

  • 3. Assistive Technology

    Practical research on the development and supply of assistive devices that can be used by persons with disabilities in their actual life

  • 4. Rehabilitation Policy

    Research on national rehabilitation policies, systems, and services for persons with disabilities

  • 5. Rehabilitation Evaluation Tools

    Development of tools for rehabilitation therapy planning and evaluation

  • 6. Society Reintegration

    Research on society reintegration for persons with disabilities

  • 7. Rehabilitative Exercises

    Research on rehabilitation exercises, related sports programs, guidelines, and evaluation tools per disability type

  • 8. International Rehabilitation Reserach

    Research in relation to rehabilitation and disability R&D among organizations (public organizations, colleges, etc.) in different countries with regard to the aforementioned themes

  • 9. Public Planning Area

    Rehabilitation Research & Development Support Program-related project outcome analysis, roadmap, planning, and R&D on creation of intellectual property rights

Clinical Rehabilitation Testbed Program (Intramural R&D program)

As an intramural program of the Rehabilitation R&D Support Program, the Clinical Rehabilitation Testbed (CRT) was formed and directly conducts clinical rehabilitation research on the effective rehabilitation for persons with disabilities of various research areas.

Clinical Rehabilitation Testbed research areas

  • 1Testbed on Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • 2Testbed on Medical and Assistive devices
  • 3Testbed on Clinical Evaluations and measurements, guidelines, and services
  • 4Testbed on applications of Planning and research

(Testbed is a platform used for testing of new theories, tools, and technologies)

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