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The Korea National Rehabilitation Center(KNRC) is dedicated to realizing health promotion and community reintegration for the disabled through rehabilitation medicine, research and education, thus contributing to the enhancement of life quality for the people in the nation.


The Korea National Rehabilitation Center is the Korea's central rehabilitation institute that leads the future of the disabled's health and their rehabilitation and seeks for an efficient management.

Core Value

Future-oriented User-centered Mutually-respecting Efficiency-augmentation Contributing to society

Establishes the Public Rehabilitation Service Provision System

  • Supports and Aids Other Public Rehabilitation Hospitals/Medical Facilities
  • Develops and Distributes Community Reintegration Programmes for the Disabled
  • Strengthens International Cooperation Efforts, such as Assisting the Developing countries

Expands Professional Rehabilitation Services for the Disabled's Health Promotion

  • Specializes Medical Services and Operates Specialized Rehabilitation Programmes
  • Manages the Life-long Health Promotion Project for the Disabled
  • Expands Medical Rehabilitation Services to the Population Unmet with the Current Services, such as the Aging

Conducts Clinical Studies on Rehabilitation

  • Conducts Translational Clinical Research to Introduce New Future Technologies
  • Conducts Research Studies on The Disabled Health Promotion & Functional Assessments
  • Conducts Clinical Research for Aging People with Disabilities

Independent Support Education Expansion for the demander's needs

  • The project expansion on the awareness of the disabled
  • Reinforcing Rehabilitation Professional Education
  • Driving Education Expansion for the Disabled

Improves Organizational Management through Communication

  • Management Performance Boosting as the Responsible Operation Organization
  • Publicizes the Center to the Public in order to Improve It's Organizational Image
  • Reinforces It's Research & Planning Function
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