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What Is Speech Therapy?

This aims at diagnosing and evaluating conditions of children and adults with communication problems and offering good treatment to help them improve abilities to adapt themselves to learning and social life properly.

Contents of Therapy

  • Articulation disorder, voice disorder
  • Aphasia
  • Stuttering
  • Language disorder due to cleft palate
  • Language disorder due to cerebral palsy
  • Developmental retardation for speech and language
  • Language disorder due to mental retardation
  • Language disorder due to hearing impairment
  • Language disorder due to autism

Treatment Procedure

  • Diagnosis by rehabilitation medicine specialist → Language evaluation → Outpatient reexamination → Treatment (determined by waiting order in case of long waiting list)
  • Two sessions of treatment a week, 30 minutes per session

Target of Therapy

All disabled persons with communication problems

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