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What is Behavior Therapy?

This is to modify personally or socially maladaptive behavior to help adapt themselves to social life and create artificial treatment environment suitable for individuals to help them implement given tasks in order to increase a will for and self-confidence in modification of disabled conditions to realize harmonious, emotional stability and improve ability to acquire behavior and skills necessary for living. It also aims at helping improve learning ability through various programs.

Contents of Therapy

  • Guidance on training about dealing with personal things
  • Concentration training
  • Imitation training
  • Instruction-following training
  • Sensory functions and linguistic
  • cognitive training
  • Modification of personally maladaptive behavior (e.g. stereotypy, self-injurious behavior, abnormal habits, etc.)
  • Modification of socially maladaptive behavior (e.g. violent behavior, aggressive behavior, avoidance behavior, frustration behavior, etc.)
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