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What Is Rehabilitation Psychology Evaluation?

This is to evaluate problematic areas, available abilities, and emotional conditions among disabled people in a scientific way to devise a rehabilitation measure and provide disabled people suffering from such psycho-social problems as depression, anxiety, interpersonal relations, and adjustment with psychological support to solve the problems and perform successful rehabilitation. Overall psychological evaluation is performed on general cognitive functions such as attentiveness, memory, linguistic functions, temporal and spatial functions, and management functions as well as intelligence and on emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, adaptive conditions, and motivation of treatment.

Moreover, according to psychological evaluation, various types of psychotherapy including cognitive rehabilitation training, family therapy, supportive counseling, and educational counseling are provided to improve performance of social adjustment and rehabilitation.

Psychological Testing Tools

Psychological Testing Tools
Test Room Kind of Testing
Intelligence Test Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WAIS/WISC/WPPSI)
Memory Test Memory Assessment Scale (MAS), (Rey-Kim Memory Test)
Dementia Test Dementia Rating Scale (DRS), Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR), Global Deterioration Scale (GDS)
Neuropsychological Test Computerized Neurocognitive Test (CNT), Seoul Neuropsychological Screening Battery (SNSB)
Emotional/Character Test Depression Test (BDI/GDS), Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), Thematic Apperception Test (TAT/CAT), Rorschach Test, Sentence Completion Test (SCT), etc.
Developmental Test Korean Bayley Scales of Infant Development
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