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As advanced countries have long operated a dental treatment room in the medical system within comprehensive welfare facilities for disabled people, the National Rehabilitation Center established the department of dentistry in October 1997 to provide technical treatment for oral diseases to disabled people systematically. We are making continuous efforts and positive activities to provide technical and efficient dental service for oral diseases to serious and duplicated inpatients and home-based disabled people and implement an oral health prevention project to be a model for similar welfare centers, public health centers, and private centers.

We provide treatment for comprehensive and systematic oral diseases management to various types of disabled persons as inpatients or outpatients suffering from brain injury, musculoskeletal diseases, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, infantile paralysis, autism, or mental retardation, along with preventive treatment to manage oral diseases in a group at facilities for disabled children. In association with university hospitals, we are screening patients who need special drug anesthesia for behavior control to help them get high-quality treatment safely and efficiently on the reference-cooperation basis.

Dental Treatment

General dental treatment, dental prosthesis (prosthetics for the disabled and the aged)

Oral Hygiene Room

Since oral diseases are chronic diseases that develop in case of poor oral hygiene and worsen through life, proper prevention and early treatment is essential for maintaining healthy oral conditions like other diseases. Most oral diseases can be prevented; moreover, treatment supported by constant management can maintain healthy oral conditions. Since disabled people with many factors that worsen oral health conditions easily need more thorough prevention than non-disabled ones, the dental clinic for the disabled runs an oral hygiene room.

  • Maintenance of oral health and control of occurrence of oral diseases
  • Removal of intraoral diseases, guidance on repair treatment, and improvement in therapeutic effects
  • Education and counseling for disabled persons, caregivers, and staff at facilities such as rehabilitation centers
  • oral exam and preventive treatment
  • Dental caries activation and oral hygiene test
  • Dental plaque examination and brushing training
  • Introduction of oral hygiene supplies and education on how to use them
  • Xylitol prescription
  • Fluorine prevention
  • Sealant
  • Scaling
  • Counseling on continuous management and life-long management

Dental Equipments

  • Ultrasonic dental scalers for treating gum diseases
    Ultrasonic dental scalers for treating gum diseases
  • Dental lasers
    Dental lasers
  • Dental x-ray equipment
    Dental x-ray equipment
  • Panoramic digital dental x-ray
    Panoramic digital dental x-ray
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