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A day before your health examination


You should avoid drinking alcohol 2~3 days before your health examination.

Morning check-up
  • You should finish eating your supper by 19PM on the day before your health examination to the day of your health check-up.

You should never chew gums, eat candies, and smoke cigarrets during fasting.

Health check-up day

Taking medicine
  • Blood pressure medicine : Take medicine with a minimum amount of water before 6PM on the day of your health check-up.
  • Diabetes medicine : Do not take them in the morning on the day of your health check-up.
  • Please consult with doctors prior to your endoscopy examination if Aspirin and Warfarin should be stopped.(These medications dilute blood and can increase the risk of hemorrhage.)
Materials to prepare
  • You should not eat breakfast, chew gums, and smoke cigarettes.
  • Please do not forget to bring your ID, health check-up guide, and health examination questionnaires.
  • Please do not bring jewelry or valuables with you as there is a risk of loss.
  • Please bring your glasses or contact lenses.(For the purpose of measuring corrected visual acuity)
  • Please come to the hospital in comfortable clothes for a smooth health check-up.
  • Those who are menstruating should visit again for a gynecological examination and urine test.
  • If there are any abnormal findings during endoscopy, additional costs may be charged for biopsy, etc.
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